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¡¡¡¡Wenzhou City Baotian Automotive&Motorbike Fittings Co.,Ltd Created it in 1990, it was a specialized factory which produced the rear-view mirror of motorcycle. The enterprise strength is rich, the technology, equipment is advanced, strict quality control is tight . The appearance of series of motorcycles rear-view mirrors is in good taste, the technology is advanced that" it is brave to enter" in its production, It checks routine and rigorously enforce reliable product quality, well received by vast insider one and trust.
¡¡¡¡ Today when the motorcycle fittings develop at full speed, the enterprise insists throughout that is" based on people, Development theory on make unremitting efforts to improve oneself" £¬While strengthenning constantly, bring in constant renewal in the equipment and introduce the professional technician especially.
¡¡¡¡ Enterprise motivated by a desire to" develop innovation , strive and keep forging ahead " £¬Wish to be devoted to the prosperity and development of Chinese nation motor garage industry with domestic and international old and new customers together, £¬It is brilliant to create 21st century ¡£